• We offer strategic consulting and tech-based solutions using industry-proven advanced technology
    What We Do

Cloud-Based Solutions

We curate, implement, and validate industry-proven advanced algorithms, deployed on a high-performance computing platform.

Strategic Consulting

With a highly specialized team with extensive experience in medium and large mining projects, we provide our clients with consulting and advisory services of the highest quality.

Software Development

We design, develop, implement and support the creation of tailor-made software for the mining industry. We integrate solutions along the mining value chain to provide robustness and reliability to our clients.

Professional Training

We provide and support the transfer of knowledge and best practices through in-person and virtual courses. Courses customized to our clients' requirements to get the most out of the available information, using the latest technology.


Empowering mining decisions with expertise and technology


Support our clients in decision-making during the evaluation of mining projects

Solve complex problems by transforming technical knowledge into practical tools and solutions

Establish cordial and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, adding value to their portfolios

Provide our clients with the highest quality consulting and due diligence services through expert knowledge


Establishing international leadership in the evaluation of mining projects and development of geo-mining-metallurgical models, through process automation