• Expertise in phenomenological modeling
    Geometallurgical Modeling


Process response characterization identifies the dynamics and quality of outcomes resulting from variations in inputs and process conditions. At APMT, we specialize in modeling geometallurgical outcomes like energy consumption, throughput, and metal recovery using geochemical datasets or operational sensor data. Some of our focus areas include:

Metal recovery using kernel-based Monte Carlo simulation
Forecasting operational equipment KPIs using real-time operational sensor data


We view mining projects as integrated systems composed of various modules like geology, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, and logistics/marketing, all within a socio-economic-environmental framework. By constructing predictive models within and across these modules, we capture the intricate dynamics of the mining system. This approach enables us to devise strategies and policies that incorporate and manage the impact of process variability and attribute uncertainty. At APMT, our goal is to enhance the resilience of the mining value chain, leading to more robust operations. Consequently, we offer:

Crafting study designs and workflows for geometallurgical programs
Systemic modular analysis on mine-to-mill, geology-to-port, and mine-to-port

While we understand that geometallurgical program management necessitates a multidisciplinary team, our strategy involves (1) treating unit processes as individual challenges, and (2) considering integrated processes within a comprehensive system.