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Introduction to geostatistics

Dive deep into the core principles of geostatistics with a comprehensive exploration of exploratory data analysis, estimation methods, and variographic analysis. Benefit from a hands-on understanding of geostatistical simulations and the integral algorithms that drive them. This course ensures a robust theoretical foundation paired with practical insights to elevate your skills.

Geological Modeling and Resource Estimation

Master the intricate art of geological modeling and resource estimation. From defining estimation units and understanding contact analyses to modeling geological bodies and practicing univariate grade modeling, this course offers a complete journey. We stress the importance of good estimation practices, ensuring a balance between theory and real-world application.

Geostatistical simulation and uncertainty analysis

Navigate the complexities of geostatistical simulations with a focus on understanding geological units, grades, and structures. Delve into the world of pluriGaussian and sequential Gaussian simulations, supplemented by practical sessions on multi-point simulations and post-processing. Experience a blend of deep theoretical knowledge and its practical applications.

Advanced Geostatistics: multivariable modeling

Expand your horizons with an advanced exploration of multivariate analysis, from dimensionality reduction to multivariate simulation. Grasp the intricacies of spatial uncertainty reproduction and interpretation, ensuring a thorough understanding coupled with practical modeling techniques.

Scripting: Workflow Acceleration

Harness the power of scripting to accelerate and automate your geostatistical modeling workflows. Using Python and GSLib libraries, this course offers a perfect amalgamation of theoretical understanding and hands-on scripting experience to optimize your processes.

Introduction to Machine Learning in Mining

Step into the evolving world of machine learning tailored for the mining sector. Understand the foundational elements, with a spotlight on neural network models and deep learning architectures. From algorithms to data structures and processing techniques, get equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Machine Learning applied to Geometallurgical Modeling

Specialize in the application of machine learning for geometallurgical data modeling. Define geometallurgical units, predict temporal responses, and master the estimation and spatial simulation of geometallurgical variables. This course ensures a seamless blend of theory and real-world application.

Introduction to Mine Planning and Design

Set a solid foundation in mine planning and design. Understand economic evaluations, delve into Lane's theory, and grasp the nuances of NSR. With insights into both underground and open-pit mining methods, long to short-term planning, and mine design, this course ensures a holistic theoretical and practical learning experience.

Strategic planning under uncertainty

Equip yourself to tackle the uncertainties in strategic mine planning. Incorporate geological uncertainty, understand spatial grade distribution, and explore real options planning. Delve deep into the transitional economic analysis, ensuring a balanced approach between theoretical knowledge and its practical implications in open pit to subway mining transitions.

Each course is meticulously designed to provide learners with a perfect blend of theoretical depth and practical insights, ensuring a holistic professional development.

Courses delivered virtually or in-person. Theoretical material and applications are available before the development of each course.

A minimum of three participants is needed for each course.