Leveraging the value of workflow automation in orebody modeling and mine planning

Annapurna™ Engine


High-quality models, following the best international standards and engineering practices


Realistic resources models and mine plans. Consistent with the genesis of the different deposits and the feasibility of the execution of mining projects


We reduce development times from weeks to minutes


Replicable models. Detailed step-by-step processes to facilitate audits and reviews


From early exploration to short-term production models. Building models to reservoirs of different complexity and development stages


Automatic reports. Use the automatic report as the base for customized report analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Annapurna™ Engine is the APMT's back-end service for the automatic development of geological models, resource estimation, and economic assessment of mining projects, including exploratory data analysis, compositing, geological domain definition, contact analysis, resource classification, reserve estimation, and mine scheduling optimization, among other processes.
The main deliverables are resource and/or reserve models (.csv) along with a report (.pdf) summarizing all assumptions, data analysis, and main results. The block model can be used for further studies while the report provides an excellent guide to support the resource modeling team.
Within one day (under 10 million blocks) and up to 2-3 days (over 10 million blocks), upon receipt of the database and scope of work. Expected times based on: (i) geological models with five domains; (ii) resource model with three main grades; (iii) mine stopes; (iv) considering grade estimation and simulation.
Yes. Along with delivering the block model, a summary report is attached containing all key decisions, main assumptions, and workflows necessary to replicate the results. Included is the conversion of angles from Annapurna to Leapfrog and Vulcan.
All workflows related to resource modeling and reserve quantification. From geological modeling to uncertainty analysis in extraction volumes. It is not necessary to have previous analysis or previously generated block models. However, if the client deems it convenient, it is possible to consider previously developed geological and resource models.
Through a request for use of the service. APMT provides a quotation based on the available data, the size of the block model, and the scope of the service. After signing the corresponding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and delivering the relevant information to the model (drill holes, topography, block model definition, economic parameters, among others), the development by APMT's team begins.
Estimation methods: Inverse distance, Nearest Neighbor and Kriging of Indicators. Simulation methods: Indicator sequential simulation.
Estimation methods: Inverse distance, Nearest neighbor; Ordinary Kriging; Simple Kriging, MultiGaussian Kriging. Simulation methods: Sequential Indicator Simulation.
Surface mining: Pseudoflow. Underground: Mine Stopes Optimization; Footprint finder.
The APMT team will be in charge of the entire process. Direct communication with the client facilitates the transfer of expert knowledge, unique to each deposit and mining project. Once the results are delivered, the client will be able to opt for APMT's consulting services, at preferential rates, to support studies and developments associated with the modeled deposit.