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    Annapurna™ Resource

Modern and Comprehensive
Ore Body Uncertainty Management Platform

Obtain realistic models faster, with no-code.
Easy for beginners, yet powerful for pros.
Fine-tune every detail and condition effortlessly.

The Annapurna™ Resource provides users with customized and automated workflows in domain and resource modeling. Combining geostatistical tools with expert knowledge, all workflows are fully optimized to provide not only results in minutes but every adopted assumption. If needed, users can then adapt every aspect of the workflow, for customized solutions.

BUILD | Domain Modeling

Intuitive generation of 3D geological domains.

Take the data from your drill-hole campaing, obtain the representative composites, and generate your geological block model in minutes. Lithologies, alterations, mine zones, and any other categorical attributes can be easily interpolated.

Focus your time on model review and fine-tuning parameters, while Annapurna handles the heavy lifting of geostatistical domain modeling.

INFER | Resource Modeling

Effortless inference of estimated and simulated mineralization and elements of interest.

Quickly capture and model the spatial continuity of your multivariate dataset across the entire deposit. With Annapurna, complex deposit estimations and simulations become streamlined and efficient.

Dedicate your time to model validation while Annapurna drives the intricate engine of your resource modeling processes.

DE-RISK | Uncertainty Management

Couple your simulations and estimations to capture both local and global uncertainty of your deposit.

Measure the impact of implicit and explicit domain modeling on reported resources by capturing domain extension uncertainty. Leverage automated workflow results and customize them to fit your specific domain and resource modeling pipelines.

With Annapurna, effectively manage and mitigate uncertainties, ensuring more reliable and robust resource estimates.

SENSITIVITY | Customized Workflows

Run hundreds of scenarios to understand the impact of each parameter and assumption on your key assets.

Reproduce old scenarios using datasets, block models, and conditions to measure how new drilling campaigns have enhanced your understanding of the deposit. Communicate the best, worst, and expected scenarios of your mineral deposit to key stakeholders and your resource modeling team with ease.

With Annapurna, streamline your workflows and gain deeper insights into the sensitivity of your models.

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